Body Shops

SPDRE is not just for PDR technicians. No, we designed it for body shops, too—because you need to know for yourself the true value of the jobs you are subbing out.

With SPDRE, you can easily write your own estimates, and not just for hail damage, but for dents of any size and shape—even very large dents. Maybe you just don’t have time to wait for a PDR company to come do an estimate. Or maybe you want to spot check their pricing from time to time to be sure they’re neither gouging nor undercharging for their work—both of which hurt your business.

You’re In Control

SPDRE puts you in control, giving you the information you need to conduct your business as you see fit. You don’t have to take the PDR tech’s word for how much a repair should cost; you’ll know exactly how much it should cost. This way, you can better negotiate with customers and PDR technicians alike.

Increase Your Profits

Because SPDRE makes it so easy, you can use PDR more often and increase your profit margin. Don’t just use it for hail, but for dings and for large dents, too—and use it to prep blend panels more affordably. As a rule of thumb, anytime PDR is possible on a dent and costs less than conventional, there’s an opportunity for you to increase your profits.

Easy to Use

We went to great pains to make our app as easy as possible without leaving out the important details. It takes just a few minutes to learn how to write an estimate—whether for dings, for hail, or for very large dents.

Links to PDR Users

You can list your PDR techs (either employees or subcontractors) as users under your SPDRE account. This way, when you estimate a job, they can be notified and pull it up in their app, too. There’s no need for printing and wrestling with papers.

Hook the Customer on the First Visit

With SPDRE, you can estimate for PDR right away—while the customer’s still there—and set up a repair date ASAP so that you run a lower risk of losing that customer. They came to see you; why let them take their business elsewhere after that?

Insurers Love Our Supplements

SPDRE supplements are easy—both for the shop and for the insurer. When you create a supplemental claim with SPDRE, our system creates a streamlined request that gives the insurer only the information they need, and doesn’t bog them down with all the rest. We designed it this way with their input, and it’s getting great reviews.

Yes, PDR Is for Large Dents, Too!

Take a look at the photos above and see the amazing work that is now being done with PDR for large dents.

And While We’re At It, What is Push-To-Paint™?

SPDRE does estimates for regular PDR, but also for Push-to-Paint™ (PTP). That’s where you know ahead of time that the panel will require repainting, but that its dents are reparable by PDR methods. Because it will be sanded, the PDR tech doesn’t have to do all the fine finishing work, and charges less money for PTP than for regular PDR. It can be very cost-effective.

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