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The Sullivan PDR Estimator (SPDRE) is a complete solution for PDR estimating—both in regard to what it does and who it’s for. We started by designing our proprietary Large Dent estimator app for dents of any size and shape. Then we added a state-of-the-art hail estimator and an estimator just for Ding Route™ techs. So this made SPDRE three powerful estimators in one, but we weren’t done yet.

After inventing the estimating technology needed to…

get these jobs done, we wanted to be sure it would get the job done easily and efficiently—and not just for PDR techs, but for insurance companies and adjustors, and body shops as well. We got lots of feedback from all three kinds of professionals, and set out to make them all happy with our product. Trust us; it’s not easy to design an app that does so much, and yet is easy to use by so many people—but if we can say so ourselves, we’re very proud of the results!

We’re also excited about how our estimating app can help the industry continue to get more sophisticated. It makes it possible for large-dent PDR work to reach its full potential in the industry. It also makes it easier for PDR techs and shops to work together. (A body shop or a PDR company can add PDR techs as sub-users under its account, so that they don’t have to transfer estimates around on paper, but can do so through our system.) We also love how we’ve been able to streamline the supplemental claims process for insurers. And our system also helps body shops to be able to do their own estimates right when a customer appears on the first visit, without having to schedule a PDR tech to come do it.

Having finally put down our old paper estimating forms to use SPDRE instead, we would never go back to paper. Never. SPDRE provides state-of-the-art estimating and we welcome your input as to how we can continue to do it better and better!

PDR tech repairing car dents

Body Shops

Doing your own PDR estimates puts you in control and helps to book a repair on your customer’s first visit. No more waiting, and no more wondering whether the repair is being undervalued or overvalued.
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Insurance Companies PDR Estimator

Insurance Pros

Make the most of PDR by easily estimating dents of any size and shape for PDR and Push-to-Paint™. Meanwhile, enjoy the ease of working with our streamlined supplemental claims.
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DingRoute™ Techs

We made a special section of our app just for you! Easily price multiple dealer cars on one ticket. Estimate for dents of any size and shape.
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Hail tech repairing vehicle dents

Hail Techs

Our hail estimator is the easiest to use in the industry, yet it covers all the details that a professional PDR estimate requires.
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A complete PDR solution for only $39.99/mo.

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Key Features

Any Size Dent.

SPDRE can be used for hail damage and small & large dents of any size & shape.Read More »

Mobile App

Get a mobile App experience designed for your phone or tablet.Read More »

Fast and Easy

Estimate within minutes, no experience necessary.Read More »

Fully Loaded

Features that save time and money come standard.Read More »

For PDR, Body Shop & Insurance Professionals

Created by PDR experts to put power in your hands.Read More »

Three PDR Estimators in One!

SPDRE consists of a hail estimator, a large dent estimator, and a special section just for DingRoute™ Techs.

A Truly Mobile PDR Estimator

SPDRE gives you all the power of its estimating software in an experience designed specifically for a phone or tablet.

A complete PDR solution for only $39.99/mo

Sullivan PDR App is available for Android and iPhone.
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