We developed the algorithms for our Large Dent Estimator from a very large survey of actual repairs from multiple technicians across a wide geographical area.  Our Estimator calculates a base price and then marks it up according to whatever difficulty factors you include.  Then there's a cost of living adjustment that gets automatically added for the area where the repair is happening.  It's calculated according to the Local Body Labor Rate that you enter.
We've got 'em!  You can affordably set up employees or contractors under your account, and send estimates to them for repair.  Contact us for pricing.
You bet!  This makes managing your business a breeze!
It's easy!  Download the SPDRE app on your mobile device (Apple or Android).  Then you can log in and choose what kind of estimate you want to do:  Large Dent, Hail, or Ding Route.  To get the best estimates, enter more information about the damage.  SPDRE will calculate the pricing for you. All your estimates are saved in our system (unless you delete them)--and they can be forwarded via email to your customers.  You can also get a multi-user account so that you can have one person writing an estimate, but assigning it to another for the repair.
SPDRE costs only $39.99 per month.  When you sign up, you'll automatically get a 30-day free trial.  You can cancel at any time.
Yes. You can create a PDF invoice for any estimate you've made, and then choose to print or email it.
Yes! You can easily take photos right into any estimate in our Large Dent Estimator or our Hail Estimator.  You'll have an option whether to include these photos in the estimates and supplements you send via email.
SPDRE works on any Internet-connected mobile device that uses either the Apple or Android platform.  This includes smart phones and tablets.
Account use is controlled by number of devices rather than number of people. In other words, each account is linked to only one person (or organization) but may be accessed on up to three devices. For example, a single SPDRE account could be used on an office computer, a tablet, and a phone. Or, a single account could be used on three different tablets. How, when, and where you access your account is completely up to you. If you would like to use SPDRE on more than three devices, please contact us for special setup and pricing information.
If someone tries to access your account on a fourth device, your account will be put into a temporary “time out.” This is to alert you and us that there may be an unauthorized user trying to log in. While all access will be restored within a short period of time, we recommend you contact Technical Support if you experience problems getting locked out of your account or suspect someone is trying to use it without your permission. If you would like to use SPDRE on more than three devices, please contact us for special setup and pricing information.

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