Ding Route

SPDRE is proud to provide specialized features just for the DingRoute™ Tech.
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If you run a ding route, your routine probably varies considerably, and you need an app that helps you manage it all. We designed the DingRoute™ section of SPDRE with you in mind, to help you easily estimate PDR for dealers or body shops. You can price your repairs either by the car, or by the panel.

In DingRoute™, you can build a Ding List of cars that need PDR, and present it to a dealer for approval all at once. Then you can easily flag any cars on the list that the dealer does not want repaired.

You can even assign repairs to other technicians who have our app if you’re not working alone. And you can send invoices to your customers.

Key Features

  • Creates Statements for those Ding Lists
  • Creates Ding Lists
  • Price by car or by panel
  • Assign repairs to techs
  • Create, email, and print invoices
  • Use Ding List & Statements for hail invoices when hail hits your Dealer lots
  • Create earnings reports
  • Integrates with QuickBooks
  • VIN Scanner

A complete PDR solution for only $39.99/mo

Sullivan PDR App is available for Android and iPhone.
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