Truly Mobile

Only SPDRE gives you all the power of its estimating software in an experience designed specifically for a phone or tablet.

Mobile App Screen Shots

Use all of SPDRE’s Web-based features PLUS:

  • Photograph dents directly into your estimates
  • Scan VINs directly into your estimates
  • Enter information as quickly as possible, and without error, on a touch screen
  • Complete and email an estimate from any location
  • Access any estimate without having to be near your desk or office

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While we are always listening to our customers and expanding capabilities, some luxuries will always be standard.

  • Pricing algorithms based on real-world data and experience
  • Immediate, automatic price adjustment based on input
  • Easy discounting and price overriding
  • R&I notation and pricing
  • Panel by panel estimation
  • Multiple dents per panel
  • Multiple panels per estimate
  • Photo upload
  • Automatic save
  • Invoicing with your logo
  • Printing and emailing
  • 24/7 access with an internet connection

Two Estimators in One

SPDRE allows you to estimate specifically for hail damage, or, for dents of any size and shape.

Hail and PDR Estimator Screen Shots

Each estimating track is purposefully designed for maximum control, efficiency, precision, and speed for the type of repair needed.

Hail Considerations PDR Considerations
  • dent number
  • dent size
  • dent depth
  • average price (on oversized)
  • panel composition
  • corrosion protection
  • repair method (PDR or PTP)
  • previous damage
  • extended roof
  • dent length
  • dent width
  • dent depth
  • panel composition
  • body lines
  • edges
  • braces
  • glue pulling
  • creases

Zero to Estimate in Less than 60 Seconds

SPDRE accelerates results with a patent-pending, standardized formula for pricing dents and an easy to use interface.

Until now, anyone who wanted to explore PDR or PTP repairs for a dent had to schedule an estimate with a PDR technician. Now, anyone can use SPDRE to get a precise estimate within minutes.

Using the SPDRE is fun and easy…. It’s a sweet piece needing literally only 1 minute to do a high quality assessment.

Vaughn’s Collision Center

Customers have only to accurately measure the damage and with a simple cell phone pic for a “quick look” I have given accurate estimates over the phone.

New IndepenDENTS

By the People, For the People

SPDRE has been built and tested on over 20 years’ experience in PDR and PTP field research and actual repair by the founders of Dixie Dent, Inc.

By working with many types of customers, the creators of SPDRE have developed a mission to improve PDR accessibility, methods, and overall use across the industry for:

  • Private vehicle owners
  • Private leaseholders
  • Fleet managers
  • Insurance companies
  • Body shop and collision centers
  • Car dealerships
  • Rental car agencies
  • Auto auctions
  • Auto manufacturers

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