September 22, 2014 SPDRE


SPDRE stands for the “Sullivan PDR Estimator.”

SPDRE is a powerful online estimating application with which anybody can easily estimate the cost to repair automotive dents using Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and Push to Paint (PTP). It can be used through a Web browser or through our mobile apps. For an overview of SPDRE, visit our SPDRE 101 section of this blog or watch an overview video on our Web site.

It’s really simple. You just log in and choose the type of estimate you want to create – choose “Hail” for a hail damage estimate or choose “PDR” to estimate dents of any size. Then answer a few questions about each panel to be estimated and SPDRE will calculate the pricing for you. Every estimate you create is saved in your online account, so you can access it, edit it, email it, print it, or delete it at any time you like.
SPDRE costs only $49.99/month if purchased on a monthly basis. You can get ONE month FREE (a $50 savings) by purchasing a 6-month subscription for $249.99, or, get THREE months free ($150 savings) by purchasing a 12-month subscription for $449.99. While all subscriptions options are priced to be affordable, the 12-month subscription is our best value.
Yes. You can create a .pdf invoice for an estimate and then choose to print or email it.
Yes! You can upload up to three photos for each estimate. The photos automatically save and print on the Estimate/Invoice.
Any device that can browse the Internet can access the Sullivan PDR Estimator. That means you can use SPDRE on any desktop or laptop computer, or any “tablet”, such as the iPad. For use on your mobile phone, we recommend downloading our mobile app. Our mobile app has all the power and capability of Web app, but is designed especially for use on a small screen.
Account use is controlled by number of devices rather than number of people. In other words, each account is linked to only one person (or organization) but may be accessed on up to three devices. For example, a single SPDRE account could be used on an office computer, a tablet, and a phone. Or, a single account could be used on three different tablets. How, when, and where you access your account is completely up to you.

If you would like to use SPDRE on more than three devices, please contact us for special setup and pricing information.

If someone tries to access your account on a fourth device, your account will be put into a temporary “time out.” This is to alert you and us that there may be an unauthorized user trying to log in.

While all access will be restored within a short period of time, we recommend you contact Technical Support if you experience problems getting locked out of your account or suspect someone is trying to use it without your permission.

If you would like to use SPDRE on more than three devices, please contact us for special setup and pricing information.

Contact us for special setup and pricing information.
Yes! PDR and PTP for large dents is the best-kept secret in the industry. The problem, until now, has been that there has been no standardized way of pricing this work. Not only are there already lots of technicians doing large dent work, but now that anybody can estimate for large dent work, a great many more technicians will learn the few additional skills necessary to fix large dents. It’s a simple “supply and demand” problem, and now that these dents can be easily estimated, the demand for large-dent PDR is sure to grow. The supply of qualified technicians, therefore, is sure to follow quickly.

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